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Longevity Club

Longevity Club is a unique community, members of which will have full access to advanced concierge services, lists of specialists and treatments, as well as educational material and practical advice on healthy longevity.
Longevity Club is building the daily habit in Longevity commerce, offering a vast mobile and online marketplace where people discover and save on health and wealth related products, maximising their healthspan (healthy period of life), using the optimal configurations of cutting edge personalised, preventive therapeutics, diagnostics and prognostics, as well as their wealthspan (period of financial stability) to achieve financial wellness over the course of extended healthy lifespans.

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Longevity Club Development Roadmap

December 2022
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MVP Release

Launch of Minimal Viable Product which contains the basic features of the product for both types of customers. This version will also have the integrations required for excellent users experience 

February 2023
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Launch of Longevity Club 1.0

The version will involve a set of unique features, namely:

  • Sophisticated AI Longevity Advisor

  • Health Data Wallet

  • Digital Health Avatar

  • Advanced MarTech System

May 2023
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Launch of Longevity Club 2.0

The version will involve the exceptional tools of members of Longevity Club:

  • Advanced MarTech System

  • Virtual Reality Longevity Quest

  • Virtual Longevity Clinic


Longevity Club provides a wide range of unique advantages for corporate and retail clients
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For Corporate Clients


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For Retail Clients


Access Thematic Analytics 

Знімок екрана 2022-11-23 о 14.32.14.png

AgeTech in the United Kingdom Q3 2022

This Analytical Case Study was compiled to give a detailed systematic description of the current state and ongoing trends in the AgeTech in the UK, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages, predicting the development of the relevant market sectors, and determining the degree of technology relevance at the current time.

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