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Personal Longevity Cabinet

The very first step in the longevity plan offered to the club members is the development of a Personal Longevity Cabinet. Personal Longevity Cabinet is a graphic representation that is associated with a user to serve as their identification. 
With the technologies of healthcare advancing, the Personal Longevity Cabinet will evolve from a data collection and disease-focused tool to a truly Longevity-focused tool. Instead of focusing on single-dimensional, disease-linked indicators, it will enable the examination of the whole organism from an overall health perspective, with a primary emphasis on prevention and patient healthspan extension.

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Key Features of Personal Longevity Cabinet

Broadest Input Data

Personal Longevity Cabinet can combine multiple types of data, as medical as nonmedical relation. Data from as many sources as possible may be used

to create the most comprehensive digital portrait of the person.

Updated Measures

Since datapoints indicate continuing shifts in behavior or physical state, the data points gathered provide historical data significance. Continuous updating of relevant data provides insights on numerous other, previously unknown signs.

Personalized Analysis

A top-notch mix of algorithms and machine learning (ML) is capable of quickly assessing supplied historical data and comparing it to international medical and nonmedical data sources to produce unique individual analysis for medical forecasts and other applications.

Personal Health Dashboard


Development Stages

The process of Personal Longevity Cabinet creation involves the collection of medical history and medical information of the client. One of our aims is to make this process as worries-free and convenient as possible using telemedicine approaches. Therefore, our clients will be provided with a comprehensive list of at-home diagnostic kits and tools, and if necessary, we will be able to arrange online consultations with healthcare professionals. All of the test results will be uploaded to our digital platform. 

Biomarkers Assessment
Data Analysis 
Longevity Plan Development
Data Digitization
Personalized Treatment
  • Collection of medical history 

  • Doing additional tests with a focus on longevity biomarkers

  • Digital biomarkers monitoring via smart gadgets

  • Collection of all possible data in a digital form for easier access of both monitoring apps and medical specialists

  • Smart devices

  • Analyses of existing biomarkers on multiple levels

  • Evaluation of patient focuses and health risks

  • Development of  a more extended diagnostic plan

  • Treatment of pathological conditions

  • Prevention of disease development based on personal predisposition

  • Regular assessment of wellness biomarkers plan

  • Application of collected data to longevity, Ageing, Ageing clocks and age-related diseases

mHealth Integration

mHealth App is a sophisticated AI-driven online-service providing users with deep evaluation of cancer development risks and Ageing progression based on lifestyle factors and clinical analysis, supporting the customer on every step to develop full understanding of health status and actions which should be performed in order to improve it.

The ability to create Personal Longevity Cabinet allows for hypothesis analysis and continuous tracking of health status changes in each individual. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for analyzing and tracking deep insights on biomarkers, ecological variables, behavioral factors, and previously undiscovered health assessment correlations. Big Data generated from a large study cohort using unique analytical methodologies and objects of investigation improves prediction ability in various cases.

Scheme of Work










Genomic Data
Risk allele analysis,
Gene-gene interaction

Metabolomic Data
Lipid metabolism
Carbohydrate metabolism

Microbiome Data
Gut microflora
Skin mikroflora

General Health Data
Blood biochemistry
Family health history

Data from Mobile App
Sleeping monitoring
Heart Rate

Calorie consumption
Digital biomarkers (voice, face scan, retina scan, behavior)

Data from Medical Devices
Blood glucose
Blood pressure
Insulin/drug intake

  • Evalutaion of risk for chronic disordes

  • Detection of food intorelarance

  • Control of nutrition level 

  • Prediction of complication development

Prediction of complication development (eye disorder, mental health, heart failure)

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Daily insulin dose control

of meal plan

of shopping list

Search of news

Wellness Plan

Fitness Plan

Medical checkup planning


of insulin dose


Generation of drug
and supplement list

Financial Planning


Creation of recipes lists

Food delivery

Education materials, news

Wellness Procedures

Fitness Coaching

Medical Consultation


Automatic insulin injection


Drug and medical supplies delivery



AI Utilities

Longevity Bank’s mobile app uses AI assistants to provide daily targeted recommendations to Longevity Cardholders on ways that they can optimize their Healthy Longevity across its full scope (all the way from healthspan to wealthspan).

The Longevity Card Mobile App utilizes AI-driven smart-matching in order to suggest relevant products and services from the Longevity Marketplace based on each client’s unique profile, including their current: physical and mental health, evaluated by in-depth biomarker analysis, financial status, language and location. 

Using these data points as the basis for connecting them with the most relevant products, services and tools available online and physically (within their area of residence) to optimize and improve their personal Healthy Longevity.  

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