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Longevity Club Marketplace

One-stop-shop platform offering

the world’s best Longevity products and services, exclusively featuring scientifically and technically

validated vendors

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Exclusive terms and unique offers from world’s top brands

AI-based matching tool & recommendations  

Multicategory offering 

Cashback & reward points

Want to add your company to the Longevity Club catalogue?

Deep Integrated Marketplace Features

Extensive Market Categorization

Precise market research undertaken creates a novel and broad multibranched market categorization, that extends understanding of products and services to multiple metrics. It grants recommendation algorithms unprecedented efficiency.

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Digital Avatar Integration 

Integration of digital avatar will grant members a universal tool for mutual understanding with the platform. Based on the digital avatar data and predictions, the system will provide services and products that can satisfy clients' needs in the most tailored manner possible. 

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AI-driven Smart-Matching

AI assistant present on the marketplace will enable members of the Longevity Club to gain targeted real-time recommendations on local and global products and service providers depending on their profile and areas of interest and discounts.

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Benefits of Longevity Marketplace

Unified Platform with clear task - Provide best Longevity practices and assist in their use

Products and Services advice based on real-time members goals and needs 

Broadest variety of categories to choose from, each focusing on promoting healthy longevity

Only Scientifically and Technologically validated products and services

AI-driven smart-matching in order to suggest relevant products and services based on each member’s unique profile

Versatile customization that can enable better results and comfort while iterating the platform


Become Longevity Club Vendor

Easy onboarding and comfy results tracking

Fill in the details of your company and special offer and send it for approval. Sign in, access to  dashboard, track results.

Access to a larger target audience

Publish offer to interact with thousands of customers who are passionate about healthy living and longevity.

Unlimited growth potential at minimal cost

With our ever-growing user base and advanced tools, a vendor has the ability to significantly expand its market with minimal time, effort, and expense.

Access to MarTech System

Receive access to Longevity MarTech System and to the full scope of its perks and benefits. Automate marketing campaigns to reach and engage customers at scale.

Access to exclusive AI platforms

Take advantage of connecting to our cutting-edge InvestTech Platform and Big Data Analytics System & Dashboards for data analysis and strategic decision making.

Increased visibility on multiple levels

Heightened marketing and public visibility, as well as potential visibility to investors and fundraising via the InvestTech Platform.

Publish your offering in our Longevity Club Marketplace

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