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On 4 October 2022, Deep Knowledge Group had the pleasure of hosting the official launch event and revealing key findings of the new ‘AssistiveTech in the UK’ interactive report, developed by ATLAS (Assistive Technology, Longevity and Ageing Society) with the support of Aging Analytics Agency and Deep Knowledge Philanthropy.

The event was held in the UK Parliament at the historic House of Lords. 


On July 21, 2022, the Longevity Financial Club hosted their second official invitation-only event for investment and financial industry professionals on the topic of Longevity FinTech and InvestTech in the Sky Lounge of the landmark Shard building. The event featured presentations and a panel discussion by Longevity financial professionals, focused on challenges and opportunities for investors and startups in DeepTech and Longevity private markets with a particular focus on the Liquidity Gap which is currently hindering the accelerated development of these industries. They also spoke about potential solutions with a particular focus on the UK.


On June 21st, 2022, Longevity Financial Club held their inaugural meeting at the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Club at 71 Pall Mall, London, UK, bringing together investment and financial industry professionals to discuss a number of defining trends in the Longevity Financial Industry, including de-risking and optimizing Longevity investments, main developments and trends in private equity, venture capital and public markets, the financial commoditization of Longevity Industrialisation Health as the New Wealth, Longevity as a New Asset Class, novel financial products and derivatives, and major Longevity-related challenges and opportunities facing pension funds, insurance companies and other financial corporations.

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