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Harley Longevity Club

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Harley Longevity Club

A Vanguard of Vitality and Wellness, pioneering the future of Longevity, Preventive Medicine, and Wellness Clinics

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The Future of Harley Street Club

One major target for Harley Street Club is the acquisition of additional digital, virtual and AI infrastructure integrated with web and mobile apps to complement its excellent physical clinics ecosystem

For this matter, HSC has signed a preliminary 2-year licensing agreement with Longevity Club for the delivery and maintenance of an end-to-end White Label Solution

This composite solution is guaranteed to be the most comprehensive and advanced of its kind in the world, giving asymmetric strategic competitive advantage for Harley Street Club to achieve its expansion goals in a substantially accelerated mode

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Individual Blueprint

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About Individual Blueprint

Individual Longevity Blueprints are series of projects designed to revolutionize how we prioritize health of our customers  during their stay at home, in an office or even at business trips.

Take with you the Longevity Suitcase, a go-to companion for wellness on the road. From travel-friendly health essentials to on-the-go wellness solutions, we've got you covered.

Step into the Longevity Room, a space where health check ups and longevity interventions are integrated into every corner. Whether you're biohacker or just looking to maintain your well-being routine, Longevity Room is equipped with cutting-edge facilities to support your health goals.

Experience the Sleep Room, a haven dedicated to ensuring restful nights. From ambient features to personalized sleep aids, we've curated an environment that promotes tranquility, ensuring you wake up ready for the day ahead.

Elevate your dining experience in Longevity Kitchen, where every meal is a blend of culinary delight and nutritional goodness. Take control of your well-being on a plate with our diverse, health-conscious offerings.


Health is The New Wealth

Longevity Club is a unique community, members of which will have full access to advanced concierge services, lists of specialists and treatments, as well as educational materials and practical advice on healthy longevity.

Longevity Club

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